Who do I cycle for?

Human rights defenders stand up against injustice, and provide a voice for those that can't speak up. Here are a few HRDs we've worked with:


Karen Mejía, women's rights defender from Honduras. Watch this short documentary of Karen on her experiences as a lawyer in Honduras and in the Shelter City inititative in the Netherlands.


Yamen, field worker in the Gaza Strip. With his team of five field workers, and the support of many volunteers, Yamen works tirelessly to document and report on any human rights violations in the Gaza Strip committed by Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinian governing authorities.

Read his story by clicking here.


Diana, human rights defender from Mexico. Diana dedicates her life to helping families in Mexico search for their missing loved ones. She stayed in Shelter City Utrecht for three months, where she could regain her strength, speak with international organisations about the situation on the ground, and gain necessary skills to ensure her safety when she returns. Watch this short documentary about Diana:



Arsene, human rights lawyer from the DRC. In March 2016, Arsène participated in a security training in The Hague organised by Justice and Peace Netherlands.

Read his story by clicking here.

Learn more about the human rights defenders that have been supported by Shelter City here.