Donating and fundraising for a trustworthy cause!

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22-03-2019 | 18:38

By participating in Ride for Rights, by sponsoring a cyclist, or by donating to the cause, you can be sure that each euro raised and donated is handled with care, with a high impact for a better world, and that also benefits you. 

The money raised goes to the Shelter City initiative for human rights defenders at risk. This money will go directly to funding security trainings for human rights defenders at risk. 

The Shelter City inititiative is coordinated by Hague-based human rights organisation Justice and Peace Netherlands, the NGO, together with partners all around the Netherlands. Justice and Peace Netherlands is recognised as an ANBI (public benefit organisation) by the Dutch administration, registered under STICHTING JUSTITIA ET PAX NEDERLAND. It means that your gift is tax-deductible. Find out more on the Dutch tax services websiteJustice and Peace is also a Recognised Charity and certified by CBF, so you know your donation goes to a good cause.

If you have any questions, queries, or concerns, we'd be happy to help! Please do not hesitate to contact us at or at 070 763 1496. 


Photo: Cyclists at the finish line in Maastricht for Ride for Rights 2018, after a 7-day and 850 kilometer route across the Netherlands. Photographed is Irwin, a human rights defender from Burundi, welcoming the cyclists.