Your impact by taking part in Ride for Rights

Protect human rights and those defending them


Ride for Rights 2019 fundraises for the Dutch initiative Shelter City, which provides support and protection to human rights defenders at risk. 

With the shrinking space for civil society, defending human rights is becoming more dangerous. In many countries, those that defend human rights are being silenced, threatened, arrested, tortured, and sometimes forcibly disappeared by government actors or other groups. 

The Shelter City initiative, which works with 11 Dutch cities, offers temporary relocation, training and safety to international human rights defenders such as journalists, community leaders, lawyers, artists and academics who fight against human rights violations in their home countries but are threatened because of their work. 


Providing a shield for human rights defenders and their communities


The money raised from Ride for Rights will be 100% used for security trainings for human rights defenders in the Shelter City programme in September-December 2019. 

These security trainings are one of the most important parts of the Shelter City initiative. Think about it like a shield. By giving human rights defenders the skills and tools they need to protect themselves and their colleagues or communities, whether its physical and digital security, they can continue promoting human rights safely and effectively over the long term.


Who do I cycle for?


Click here to learn about human rights defenders that have benefitted from Shelter City. 


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